Ben Lewis - 2023-09-13

I have a J1939 network (ISOBUS) connected to my PLC. I can receive various PGNs such as 65256 (Vehicle Direction/Speed) and 65254 (Time/Date). However, I cannot receive 65267 (Vehicle Position).

PGN 65267 (VP) contains SPN 584 (Latitude) and SPN 585 (Longitude). On the network both SPNs return a value of -210 (meaning the CAN message payload is zero in both cases). The conversion settings are the default values and appear to be correct (see attached screenshot).

Using a CAN analyser I can see that PGN 65267 (Vehicle Position) is being transmitted over the network with valid (non-zero) data that matches the latitude and longitude coordinates I would expect.

I've created a program to read the raw J1939 data and this also returns valid data.

It seems that the Codesys J1939 database has a problem with reading PGN 65267 messages. Can anybody else confirm this?

I'm using Codesys Version 3.5 SP16 Patch 5.