• wouter

    wouter - 2008-01-24


    I am absolutely new to OPC so if anyone could help me with this i would be very happy:

    I want to write a C++ client application that monitors some variables from a project running on a softPLC (under windows xp). As far as i understood from documentation OPC is the solution for this.

    I get the OPC server running but can anyone tell me how i can communicate with the OPC server now from my client application??

    Someone maybe has an example in C++?

    thanks a lot in advance!


  • golgon

    golgon - 2009-04-13

    You can connect opc server to your program by using PLCHandler.

    This PLCHandler can be used in c or in vb.If you want to use in vb,you can

    use .ocx file.If you want to use with c,you can use dll file.

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