RaspberryPI-ModbusTCP slave device SLOW

  • razvoj

    razvoj - 2021-01-06

    Hello everyone,

    I am using RaspberryPI 3B as ModbusTCP slave device. Until now I was using Codesys Control fOR Raypberry version 3.5.14 and it was working OK. Now I have updated the Raspberry with Codesys Control 3.5.16 and Modbus is working very slow. Reading and writting into Modbus registers is very slow.

    What could be the reason?

    Best regards

  • razvoj

    razvoj - 2021-01-08


    I have solved this.
    Bus Cycle Task has to be set to "Task"

    Always Update Variables has to be set to "Enabled 2 (always in bus cycle task)"

    Now it is working with normal speed.


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