CODESYS OPC DA Server SL configuration for Control Win

  • OttoB8

    OttoB8 - 2018-05-23

    Dear all

    I have two questions....

    1. Can the CODESYS OPC DA Server SL make connection with a CodeSys SoftPLC (Control Win or a Control RTE SL) ?
    2. In the CODESYS OPC DA Server SL configuration, see picture, according to the manual the "PLC name (recommended) or address" should be set. The manual also refers to this as a node. But how do I find out the name or address of a specific SoftPLC (I run two simultaneously)?

    I have tried with various guesses. And tried to connect to the DA server without success. All runs on the same PC. From the picture I would guess the address is 004 or 0301.A026.

    Thank you!

    IMG: manual_OPCConfig_081206_as.jpg

    IMG: manual_workspace_081233_as.jpg

  • plcmax

    plcmax - 2018-05-30

    for a try I would select Tcp blockdriver and give the Ip address in the opc da configuration
    Think on using OPCUA the modern way of communication - encryption is possible and
    this OPCDA configuration nightmare is gone.
    You get an update on Windows and never know if OPC DA is still working.
    There are so many OPCUA clients available.
    Check if your client have it in.

  • OttoB8

    OttoB8 - 2018-06-05


    It's solved now. For question 1, the answer is YES. Regarding question 2, I edited C:\ProgramData\CodeSys\CodeSysControlWinV3x64\XXXXXX\CodeSysControl.cfg ... there is a setting Node which I assigned a name to. Thus I could configure different names to the virtual PLCs I used. The names I used in "PLC name ord address" - refer to previous pictures.


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