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Codesys SIL2 package and PLCopen specification

  • fraccaroli

    fraccaroli - 2022-08-04

    I ask here a question about the PLCopen specification over Codesys SIL2 package.
    Reading the Codesys SIL2 user manual I can't understand the worth of the PLCopen specification. I report from the manual:

    Chapter 1.3: "Aderence to the safety requirements listed in Appendix 7.4 is absolutely necessary."

    Safety requiment 3-4.5 (from appendix 7.4): "The permitted programming languages for the programming of a Codesys Safety SIL2 controller are listed in chapter 5."

    Chapter 5 (about programming): "...The rules are only raccommendations that enable the certification to be simplified...".

    Chapter 5 reports almost all the PLCopen specification, with some little differences. So, I can't understand if it's necessary to use the "chapter 5 rules" to program SIL2 ECU or if those allow a simpler certification of the system.


  • fraccaroli

    fraccaroli - 2022-08-05

    As I expected, no reply.
    It seems that all SIL2 related question have no answer on this forum.

    This is very bad for a language used specifically to program safety system.
    I ask to forum moderator or any one know it if there are some other resources about SIL2 package.
    If there aren't any other resources, I think that the only other thing to do is to run away from Codesys and pass to a more serious programming language.


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