Call function from library in ST

  • mrgoodcat1234

    mrgoodcat1234 - 2020-10-12

    i'm trying to use a function from oscat library.
    If i use it with CFC it works, but in ST not, for syntax errors or something similar.
    I get the error "oscat_basic.ATAN2" is of type FUNCTION and cannot be instantiated.
    Can someone tell me the error(s)?


    Last edit: mrgoodcat1234 2020-10-12
  • Thomas

    Thomas - 2020-10-12

    It is an function, not a FB. == >> Not necessary to declare a variable

    • mrgoodcat1234

      mrgoodcat1234 - 2020-10-12

      thank you Thomas! I correct with the full name of the function and it works!


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