Can CoDeSys access to another OPC Server

  • lakemary

    lakemary - 2008-07-14

    I'm pretty new with CoDeSys.

    In our system, we have a data gateway running as an OPC Server on Windows XP Embedded.

    My question is if CoDeSys can Read/Write to my OPC Server as I/O.

    I tried the latest V3.2, in the help of add data source, says "not yet implemented". Your help is appreciated very much.


  • Rolf-Geisler

    Rolf-Geisler - 2008-07-14


    hope to have understood correctly (sorry for my poor English): you run an OPC server on your system, used as a data gateway, and additionally you have a CoDeSys PLC.

    If you want your OPC server to have access to CoDeSys, I think this needs an (internal) OPC client, connected to a CoDeSys OPC server to read and write CoDeSys information.

    Have success

  • lakemary

    lakemary - 2008-07-14


    What I really want to have is:

    Because I have all data defined in my own OPC Server, which reads and writes to hardware device,

    So I expect Codesys be able to browse my OPC Server, get the I/O points for the configuration. In fact it's mentioned in V3.2 help with function as Add Data Resource. But when I try that, it shows "OPC Server, not yet implemented." Any idea when it will be available ?

    Thank you.

  • jupe

    jupe - 2011-11-02

    This topic seems still to be unanswered. I have a similar need. I have a non-CoDeSys PLC with its own OPC server "X". I would like to use CoDeSys OPC Server to aggregate the items in server X. This would simplify my OPC client configuration. So, can I do this with CoDeSys OPC Server?

    Jukka Peltola

  • timvh

    timvh - 2011-11-02

    No, this is not possible. Just connect your client to the other server.


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