• Andoni Crespo

    Andoni Crespo - 2012-01-17

    I have done a global persistent data list. I can reset and download keeping the persistent values but when I switch the cell off all the values are reseted. Do I have to link these values to a file o something similar to avoid losing their values when switchinf off/power failure?

    Thanks in advance

  • kberlin

    kberlin - 2012-01-17


    How persistent data is handled depends on the device you're programming. It can be stored directly into something like non-volatile RAM or saved to a file at powerfail.

    Which device is it that you're using?

    Best regards,
    Kristian Berlin

  • Andoni Crespo

    Andoni Crespo - 2012-01-17

    Hi again

    I am using a Khunke with Windows XP Embedded.

    Thanks for your support

  • kberlin

    kberlin - 2012-01-23

    Is it a complete system that you bought from Kuhnke or did you install SP RTE yourself on a PC?
    Is there any nvram at all in the hardware? What does the information from Kuhnke say?


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