Classic OPC (DA, AE) not working anymore under Win10

  • HHermsen

    HHermsen - 2018-01-19

    Since a few weeks, the 3s OPC server (opcconfig.exe v3.5.10.0) refuses to get discovered on my devbox. I use codesys 2.3 runtimes in combination with Classic OPC, thus UA is no option. As a client I use Matrikon OPC explorer for test purposes. It uses OPCEnum.exe to browse the system. OPCEnum does not return any installed servers.
    My box is a Win 10 Pro installation with the windows newest patches/_ updates.

    Has anybody got a workaround?

  • HHermsen

    HHermsen - 2018-11-01

    The cause was the winter Service pack for W10 (jan 2018)
    Installing the latest service pack will autoresolve this issue.


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