get info about conflics in project

  • MaGu

    MaGu - 2015-08-25

    Hi everybody,

    i would like to get info while updating the project if there is a conflict. We try to set up a daily build and with the update-function it does not give us any information if there was a conflict. I tried SvnInfoEventArgs (imported clr sharpsvn) but it does not work so far. Any help, ideas? Thanks, MaGu

  • Anonymous - 2015-08-25

    Originally created by: M.Schaber

    Hi, MaGu,

    I assume you're using the CODESYS SVN AddOn.

    Right now, there's no way in the scripting API of the SVN AddOn to check whether an object is conflicted.

    There's the issue SVN-33 to improve on this situation eventually, but it is not scheduled yet.

    (Public jira access to the SVN issue database should be available soon.)


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