Omar Ampyx - 2019-04-02

Hi all,

I normally ready SDO parameters every cycle using ETC_CO_SdoRead4. However this function block generates ETC_CO_TIMEOUT error right after a network recovery.

Using the trend tool (see attached) I noticed that the FB's output xError becomes TRUE when input xExecute is FALSE. This is unexpected since I assumed that on xExecute=FALSE all the outputs should be FALSE (like the behaviour of the PLCOpen blocks).

I currently solved the problem by re-triggering the block once again in the same cycle (see attached) but I still think this is not how ETC_CO_SdoRead4 should behave. Am I missing something?

Thank you in advance, Omar

IMG: fbSdoError when execute is false (fixed).JPG

IMG: fbSdoError when execute is false.JPG