rideanxr - 2022-06-15

Im trying to use the Codesys 3.5 SP18 patch 2 visualization to connect to a CAN network running about 20 Danfoss Plus1 PLCs. The Codesys runtime is not going to run on the PLCs, Im only using the Codesys visualization to run on several touchscreens. Right now, I just have a single Danfoss Plus 1 connected to a touchscreen computer via the Kvaser PCIe card. I know the Kvaser PCIe card is running correctly because the Kvaser CanKing shows me data. Attachment “Gateway config” shows my Gateway configuration in Codesys. In the device address, Im using 0002.0004 because that is the Windows location as shown in attachment “Kvaser PCIe card config”. Attachment “no device responding” shows the error message I get when I shows the Codesys message “No device is responding to the scan request”. Ive added Component.X=CmpKvaserCANDrv to the gateway.cfg file but that line seems to be overwritten on Codesys restart. Also, is there are supposed to be a ";" semicolon in front of the line?
Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.