WAGO device in Codesys V3

  • sudhakar - 2022-04-26

    Hi All, I am trying to use WAGO PLC using IO link with Balluff IO devices, since there is user fee for !eCockpit. How to add WAGO PLC(750-8102) into Codesys V3 and link devices. I am not sure, it could be done through? I am working in distributor company, so trying to setup Balluff demo devices(Stack Light, Diffuse sensor, Condition monitoring and more). Any suggestions highly appreciate?

  • TimvH

    TimvH - 2022-04-26

    You could add the PLC by installing the PFC100 package and then installing the CODESYS Runtime on the PFC. You can test the runtime for 2 hours, but then have to restart the PLC, or you can buy a license for the runtime.

    In the documentation you can find the list of supported devices. Alternatively you could maybe use a Profinet / IO-Link gateway?

    See for more information:

  • sudhakar - 2022-04-26

    Hi Timvh, you are amazing. Thank you for the clarification.

    I could be able to download the PFC100 SL and installed in Codesys V3. Unfortunately, I can't read the wago device (PFC100-750-8102) in Codesys. I have attached the screenshot for reference. Do you have any suggestions to discover the device? Please correct me here if I did anything wrong here?

    I appreciate your time and clarifications!!!

  • sudhakar - 2022-04-26

    Hi here is the update, do you have any idea how to get this root password?

  • sudhakar - 2022-04-27

    I got the answer. Thank you!

    • tayhim - 2024-06-25

      ela, how did you solve that problem?

  • nano - 2024-06-30

    wago uses, as long nobody has changed it byself: root/wago or on most plattforms admin/wago (same like prop. webserver)

    just google it


    Last edit: nano 2024-06-30

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