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RevPI Modbus RTU Serial Port not running

  • draygoon

    draygoon - 2022-07-29

    I'm actually out of ideas how I can activate the serial port in Codesys (pic below).

    If I use the "Pictory"-System of Kunbus, I can ask regulary all registers from all attached units on the serial port of the Revolution PI. But when the Codesys Runtime is installed it overwrites the Kunbus Config. Modbus Master RTU isnΒ΄t installed on the RevPI. (pic below)
    Modbus TCP is working correctly when used.
    ttyAMA0 is set as Linux.Devicefile=/dev/ttyAMA0 in CODESYSControl_User.cfg, I also tried /dev/serial and /dev/ttyS


  • draygoon

    draygoon - 2022-08-04

    It seems there isn't the modbus serial driver available for the RevPI. (pic below) How can I add Modbus to the Device Repository?


    Last edit: draygoon 2022-08-04

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