STweep Formatter for Codesys

4 days ago
  • Gerhard

    Gerhard - 2020-10-14

    Hi all

    This week the STweep formatter for Codesys has been released in the Codesys store!

    STweep is a source code formatter for Structured Text.
    Main functionalities:
    - Configurable code style
    - Line breaking of long lines
    - Aligning of similar code in columns (e.g. variable declarations and assignments).
    - Aligning of function call arguments in columns
    - Configurable indentation style
    - Set desired number of blank lines.

    I open this topic to let you know I monitor this forum for questions and to keep you all up to date on any bugfixes/new features or other updates.
    You can use this topic also for feedback/bug reports or feature requests.

    For direct messages please use gbarteling at stweep dot com
    Or check out (Under construction).

    Currently i'm focusing on:
    - Import/export of formatting style settings.
    - German translations.
    - Documentation at

    Any upcoming bug fixes will have priority!



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