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Modbus/TCP server (slave) - import file for mapping config

  • Ulvis

    Ulvis - 2021-11-09

    Is there a way do define the Modbus slave mappings in , and import them from, say MS Excel?

    If I have 400 objects with a few words each, like command mask word and some parameters, then what if I want to expand or modify my data set at a later time? Seems like a lot of work to edit the mapping table manually.
    Is there a way to define the mappings in StructuredText code programatically?
    It tried some "REFERENCE TO" juggeling, but that was not allowed.
    The Holding Registers must be writable from code so it does not really help to define a seperate array and simply mirror from that to code variables either, IMHO.

    Any hints?

  • Ulvis

    Ulvis - 2021-11-19

    Actually, I learned today - when right clicking on the very top of the project tree, there is a "edit IO mappings" command that gives csv import/export to all mappings.


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