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Can't Add New Version of Modbus TCP Master

  • squiggleypuff - 2024-04-04

    I'm having a tough time trying to get Modbus working on a Festo CPX-E PLC; it throws these pre-compiler errors as soon as I add in my Modbus TCP Master to my project:

    I'm confused about the C0046 error, as I have IODrvModbusTCP Library installed. So I thought maybe I needed to use the newest Modbus TCP Master, which is in my device repository:

    However, whenever I go to add this underneath the Ethernet adapter (which is version, the only TCP Master version available is the old one, even if I have Display all versions checked.:

    I even went so far as to delete the old version, but then there were no options to add a Modbus TCP Master under my Ethernet adapter.

    What needs to be done to use the newest Modbus TCP Master? Or are these pre-compiler errors unrelated and I'm missing something? Any help greatly appreciated.

  • squiggleypuff - 2024-04-08

    Bumping for visibility, still unable to get Modbus working on this thing.

  • squiggleypuff - 2024-04-09

    Turns out Modbus was working despite the pre-compiler errors; I was reading the wrong addresses of the slave device, which was why I was seeing all 0s. Thanks for ignoring me.


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