mrgoodcat1234 - 2016-02-11

I downloaded the AlarmManager from the store and I'm trying to better understand how it works. I have made some changes to the code and I adapted it for my purpose, but there are some aspects that I can not overcome.
For example, I would like to see alerts according to their state in separate tables, 1 = 'active', 2 = 'waiting for ACK', 3 = 'active, acknowledged' (print on alarmtable#A only alarms with state 1+3, and on alarmtable#B state 2) . it would be great if it were possible to do so in the alarm configuration settings, as for alarm groups/classes.
Additionally using iCountActiveAlarms, the function considers and also counts the alarms waiting for confirmation as active, even if in fact the alarm is no longer active, but only waiting for confirmation. It's an IECs rule?
If someone could clarify these aspects would be really grateful.