connect codesys to opc server on another pc

  • lukbok

    lukbok - 2009-02-04


    I have opcserver (opcserver connects to easy moeller) on computer in my lan network.

    I want to connect codesys to opcserver. In my opinion I need opc client.

    This opc cilent will connect to opcserver and "show" datas to codesys.

    please indicate me opcclient or explain me how connect codesys to opcserver via lan.

    Best Regards


  • timvh

    timvh - 2009-03-03

    If I understand it correctly you want to use CoDeSys and be able to access the Moeller PLC through a LAN. In that case you don't need the OPC client/server connection.

    You need to install the CoDeSys Gateway on the other PC.

    On your development PC, open CoDeSys and go to the Communication Parameters. Click on Gateway and set the TCP/IP address of the other PC which is connected to the Moeller PLC. Now try to go online.

    Please check your firewall. This could block your communication.


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