Beckhoff EL6001

  • tdie

    tdie - 2019-11-20


    I need to use the EL6001 to readout a serial signal from a voltage measurement device. I first want to get this to work with an usb-rs232 converter on my laptop with Putty so I can test the code and protocol conversion first on my pc. Unfortunately it does not work. I've used the beckhoff example from their site.
    The strange thing is, when I connect Tx with Rx on the EL6001, I get the data I send.
    When I do the same on the usb-rs232 convertor and manually type characters in putty, the input is echo't to the screen so the device on the laptop works fine too.

    But together, putty does not recieve any data.

    I've connected Rx and Tx from the beckhoff to resp. Tx and Rx of the usb device so the lines are crossed. GND is also connected.
    Connectionsettings like baudrate are also similar.

    So I am lost. Did anyone had a similar issue ?

  • dFx

    dFx - 2019-11-27

    So you mean you can read the data form the device with your PLC, but not from your PC with putty ?


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