Andoni Crespo - 2014-03-21

Good morning,

I am working with CoDeSys v3.5 SP3 Patch 6 in a Windows XP computer and I am having some problems with the visualizations.

1.- If I want to copy a visualization with the normal Copy/Paste feature from one CoDeSys environment to another with a different application, it never get copied. I can copy on its own programming environment but it is not possible when switching to a different one.

2.- As the first option has not worked, I have tried to export the visualization. When I have tried to import the visualization, the following message appears. Error importing file "Visualization": Atemp to write an object with read-only access. (Object:'0')

3.-In addition to this, when I have tried to add a frame to a visualization, appears a "pop-up" saying Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown instead of the β€œframe selection pop-up” .

I would really appreciate, if you could orientate me to solve this issues.

Thanks in advance. Kind regards.