flexbob - 2023-09-14

I have been experimenting with installing PROFINET devices generated from GSDML files. I have exported a PROFINET device from the device repository to a GDSML file and made minor changes like increasing the DataItem Length (i.e., changing <dataitem datatype="OctetString" length="64" textid="IDT_Input"> to <dataitem datatype="OctetString" length="128" textid="IDT_Input">). However, when I generate the new device from the modified GSDML file, the submodule groupings (i.e., categories) are lost even though I made no changes to the category content. As a test, I generated a new device from the original exported GSDML file with only the device version changed and the grouping was still lost.</dataitem></dataitem>

Does anyone have any insight as to what I may be doing wrong, or I have potentially discovered a bug?