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How to select the real I/O module terminals/channels in CODESYS V3.5 ? Or better to say, How to specify the real physical terminals of analog and digital I/O modules in the CODESYS programm ?

1 day ago
  • essii69

    essii69 - 2022-07-29

    hello everyone,

    i'm using CODESYS V3.5 to program a physical system with ifm_PLC AC14 series.

    The first step is that i have to be able to connent the PLC system with CODESYS.
    So, i have to define for PLC throgh CODESYS at first the real terminals of I/O modules, which are used for sensors and actuators with coressponding among of DC current/voltage. Thus:

      1) How to select the available I/O modules ? for ex. if i have 2 analog modules and 1 digital module with   
         them factory charc.
      2) How to assign the variables to the used coressponding terminals/channels of the existing analgo or 
         digital I/O ?

    I have searched many times in youtube or google about it, but i did not found something relevant for my case espically in CODESYS V3.5 .
    I have just found this below example which i exactly mean that, but it's unfortunatly for codesys V2 and i don't find it in CODESYS V3.
    So, I am really thankful if somebody could help me.

  • fraccaroli

    fraccaroli - 2022-08-04

    Hi essii69,
    did you installed the device package of your device? If you right-click on the project line (in "Devices" sub-window) and you click on "Add device", do you find IFM PLCs?

    I advise you to start from a template project or an example project from IFM, so the hardware is already configured in the project.


  • thecolonel26

    thecolonel26 - 1 day ago

    Why don't you ask IFM support? they would be the best resource for their hardware


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