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  • Anonymous - 2011-04-15

    Originally created by: Stefano.Casarini


    in FileLOG of my Codesys OPC server (v. there are these lines:

    * ERROR: Writing values failed to <plc_single>, Error=7
    ERROR: COMM_FATALERROR[0] from <plc_single>
    *** ERROR: COMM_FATALERROR[0] from <plc_single></plc_single>

    What does it means?
    What shall I do about this error?


    Stefano Casarini

  • efra-mx

    efra-mx - 2011-10-28


    I have a similar problem, my program runs smoothly but when I connect to the server I get these errors:

    (28.10.2011, 14:00:05.033) Server started
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:05.033) UpdateRate[ms]=150, PublicGroups=0, SyncInit=0, LogEvents=1
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:05.033) 1. Reconnect to <plc_single>
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:05.034) [PLC_SINGLE]: ::ConnectGateway(): m_ulGatewayChannels=1
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:05.248) <plc_single> Reconnect successful, ProjectName='Minalyze_PLC_Program_vX'
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:05.248) Timeout[ms]=6000, BufferSize[B]=0, Waitime[s]=30, Reconnecttime[s]=30
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:05.248) Motorola=0, NoLogin=1
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:05.268) <plc_single> ProjectID matched: PLC=428198, SYM=428198
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:05.274) <plc_single> 1046 symbols loaded
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:05.346) Client attached to server
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:05.560) * ERROR: COMM_FATALERROR[1] from <plc_single>
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:11.560) </plc_single>
    ERROR: Sync reading values failed from <plc_single>, Timeout expired
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:11.561) * ERROR: HandleReply: </plc_single>
    PLC(0)=PLC_SINGLE is in unnormal state State=OCS_IDLE (OCS_IDLE)! *
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:11.561)
    ERROR: COMM_FATALERROR[1] from <plc_single>
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:11.602) [PLC_SINGLE]: ::DisconnectGateway(m_ulGateway=0): m_ulGatewayChannels=0
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:11.602) 1. Reconnect to <plc_single>
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:11.602) [PLC_SINGLE]: ::ConnectGateway(): m_ulGatewayChannels=1
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:11.804) <plc_single> Reconnect successful, ProjectName='Minalyze_PLC_Program_vX'
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:11.804) Timeout[ms]=6000, BufferSize[B]=0, Waitime[s]=30, Reconnecttime[s]=30
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:11.804) Motorola=0, NoLogin=1
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:11.820) <plc_single> ProjectID matched: PLC=428198, SYM=428198
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:11.821) Reorganize finished, with changed item pool
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:11.821) <plc_single> 1046 symbols loaded
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:12.412) * ERROR: COMM_FATALERROR[1] from <plc_single>
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:12.718) </plc_single>
    ERROR: COMM_FATALERROR[0] from <plc_single>
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:13.264) [PLC_SINGLE]: ::DisconnectGateway(m_ulGateway=0): m_ulGatewayChannels=0
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:13.264) 1. Reconnect to <plc_single>
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:13.264) [PLC_SINGLE]: ::ConnectGateway(): m_ulGatewayChannels=1
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:13.471) <plc_single> Reconnect successful, ProjectName='Minalyze_PLC_Program_vX'
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:13.471) Timeout[ms]=6000, BufferSize[B]=0, Waitime[s]=30, Reconnecttime[s]=30
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:13.471) Motorola=0, NoLogin=1
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:13.864) * ERROR: COMM_FATALERROR[1] from <plc_single>
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:14.071) </plc_single>
    ERROR: COMM_FATALERROR[1] from <plc_single>
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:18.407) * ERROR: Loading symbols failed from <plc_single>, GatewayError=0
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:20.408) </plc_single>
    ERROR: Loading symbols failed from <plc_single>, GatewayError=0
    (28.10.2011, 14:00:20.948) [PLC_SINGLE]: ::DisconnectGateway(m_ulGateway=0): m_ulGatewayChannels=0</plc_single></plc_single></plc_single></plc_single></plc_single></plc_single></plc_single></plc_single>

    I works fine for a while, and it was working before, is the away to make it more stable??? I am using a client in lab view.



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  • timvh

    timvh - 2011-10-29

    Some questions:
    - Which PLC are you using?
    - Does this also happen when you use another OPC client (e.g. Matrikon OPC explorer)?
    - Does this also happen with another PLC application with less variables in the symbol list?

  • efra-mx

    efra-mx - 2011-11-08

    TimvH hat geschrieben:
    Some questions:
    - Which PLC are you using?
    - Does this also happen when you use another OPC client (e.g. Matrikon OPC explorer)?
    - Does this also happen with another PLC application with less variables in the symbol list?

    I am using a Festo CPX-CEC.

    I am using the same client in two different computers, it always work in the laptop computer, however in the desktop computer works ONLY after a fresh installation of Codesys, so if I restart the computer the same fatal error occurs.

    In general, when it is working it works really good, but once I have restarted my computer, I have to uninstall and reinstall Codesys. I hope you can help me to solve this issue since it is very annoying.

    I would think that something gets corrupted in a the registers or a file, but how to know what i causing the problem.

    Win7 32bits.
    Labview Client based on OPC DataControl ActiveX

    win7 62bits.
    Labview Client
    Codesys OPC DataControl ActiveX



  • timvh

    timvh - 2011-11-08

    This sounds strange and probably a Windows related issue. Suggestions:
    - Turn of User Account Control: ... nt-control
    - Run the OPC server as Administrator (right click on CoDeSysOPC.exe and go the tab "compatibility".
    - Run the OPC server in Windows XP SP2 mode (same tab as above)

    Please let us know if (and which one) solved it for you.


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