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  • robinm

    robinm - 2020-07-14

    Hello Codesys community,

    I am dealing with a big dashboard project and I would import autogenerated data for the communication protocol in my project. The autogenerated data can be in structured text or any other language or format. Is it possible ? How ?
    Otherwise, is it possible to create a library with the autogenerated code to import it after ?

    Thanks for the help


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  • sgronchi

    sgronchi - 2020-07-16

    You can use the scripting engine:;product=ScriptEngine;version=
    IecLanguageObjectContainer enable creation of POU, DUT, GVL, interfaces and so on.
    You can add devices, but IIRC you cannot change their mappings (however you can import automatically a CSV).
    Or you can go the XML (PLCopen or native) route.

  • robinm

    robinm - 2020-07-23

    Hi sgronchi,

    that's exactly what I was looking for! Many thanks for the pointer


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