codesystart - 2021-09-15


I am working on OPC UA & recently installed SP17 along with the package for OPC UA.

Inside the OPC UA package I found an example project for OPC UA Client implementation which makes use of some visualizations. I also had a look at how the different FBs are being called & responses are received in the callback methods.

ALso, I found that first we are going into a root node & then based on the root nodes we are browsing the subsequent nodes. (Done in methods BrowseGotoRoot & BrowseNode)

However, in my project requirement I dont need any visualizations. Also, I dont want to browse nodes.

I only want to read/write a variable which is already defined on the server.

For this I assumed their could be a method which could take some inputs such as NodeID, NodeClass, NameSpaceIndex, Identifier, IdentifierType etc. I think this much information is enough to read any variable?? Or am I missing something here??

Unfortunately, I was not able to find any such predefined method in the library.

I tried to make my own one such method, but it seems difficult to match the structures already defined in the OPC library.

In the example library we dont need to map any structures as the parent object is already giving full information of child object.

Is their a way to do this?? Or am I incorrect & we must do browsing only??