PhilN - 2018-10-31

EDIT: I found out that I have to use online.create_online_application() to create the actual object.
Then the method can be used on that online application.

Original Question:
Hi all,

I'm trying to run a script that will log into the device (Control Win). I have Codesys

In the documentation, there are 2 login methods:
1) One requires the project object with user/password as parameters.
I tried this but my project doesn't require a username and password. The method requires me to put something in as parameters. Have already tried putting blanks with no success.

2) The other requires the OnlineApplication object
I'm not sure what object this is. I've tried the Application object and it doesn't exist for it.

My guess is that I need to use #2 but where would I get the object that uses it?