Mapping IO

  • yannickasselin

    yannickasselin - 2021-01-06


    I am very used to mapping IOs in TwinCAT where you need to declare your variables with AT%I and AT%Q. In Codesys, you can map a physical IO to any variable, but is there a way to declare variable that are expected to be mapped to IOs so that I could filter them out in the mapping dialog?

    Or maybe I should just use some kind of naming convention for those variables like: IN_myInput and OUT_myOutput.

    I would like to know how others are mapping IOs to variables.

    Thank you.

  • Morberis

    Morberis - 2021-01-06

    I use seperate global variable lists for inputs, outputs, and fieldbus. I also use my own naming conventions in addition to using x or w as a prefix to indicate boolean or word.


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