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  • Mouse

    Mouse - 2011-12-26


    I've read CoDeSys can work with pointers to functions. Unfortunately i can't figure it out well. I'll try to illustrate what i need.

    I have functions - fun1 and fun2
    and i want to call fun2 through the fun1 by the pointer to fun2. somehow like below:

    fun1( ADR(fun2) );

    The question is how to declare the parameter of fun1?

    ("pointer to function" doesn't work - i've tried )

  • singleton

    singleton - 2011-12-27

    Hello Mouse,
    a pointer to a function is not possible and makes also no sense. A function is not instantiated, so it is not available in the memory. If a functions is called it is on the stack and will be removed after the call. If you would like to do such operations (and I would propose not to do that) use function blocks.

    The call is what you already posted:

    fun1(i_pfbMyFunctionBlock := ADR(fbMyInstance));

    The usage inside the function is:

    i_pfbMyFunctionBlock^(i_input1 := xxx, i_input2:= xxx);

    Hope this was helpful!

  • Mouse

    Mouse - 2011-12-29

    Thanks for respond.

    I create some object. This object has its own logic but it needs to give capability to react on some events (inside object) from outside. i know, CoDeSys has similar system to handle services in IEC.
    for instance:
    hEvent := EventOpen(EVT_StopDone, CMPID_CmpApp, Result);
    Result := EventRegisterCallbackFunction(hEvent, ADR(myFunction));

    Where myFunction is the FUNCTION which is called if EVT_StopDone happens.

    and i need something the same.


    Inst1.WhatDoYouWantFromMe(IfSomethingHappensCallPlease, adr(myFunction));

    no possible?

    I'll think about different ways... inheritance and addition maybe...

  • yue-qi-qi

    yue-qi-qi - 2013-02-18

    Hi Mouse:
    Has your problem been resolved?

  • timvh

    timvh - 2013-02-22

    See the help of CODESYS regarding Pointers:
    "This pointers can be passed to external libraries, but there is no possibility to call a function pointer within an application in the programming system!"

    A suggestion could be to use Function Blocks and call the methods (possibly through the interface of the function block), but I'm not sure if this fits with your application.

  • bacha.damin

    bacha.damin - 2017-03-31


    Can you give me an example for this:
    so how can i declare a pointer to function in my library.
    and how can i pass a pointer to function to my external library?

    thank you


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