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problem with an extended function block. Output always set to TRUE

  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2020-11-09

    I don't call the method METH_RUN

    Yes you do.


    Last edit: i-campbell 2020-11-09
  • robi - 2020-11-09

    Ohhhhh, I see..., I wanted to evaluate if the METH_Run’s boolean output was set to true, but as I am calling this method I am therefore setting its output to true (there is no condition implemented in the method’s logic to prevent it to set bRoll to true)...Instead I probably should’ve used a property for that..
    Thanks for the hint i-Campbell!! :)


    Last edit: robi 2020-11-09
  • Morberis

    Morberis - 2020-11-10

    It wasn't your intention but thanks for sharing that paper. Reading it now and it looks to be very informative and great for exactly what you're using it for as well.


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