Switch WebVisu to home screen by inactivity timeout

  • asnik

    asnik - 2020-01-20

    Need to implement customer inactivity timeout and switch touch-screen webvisu to home screen if customer does not touch any control element.
    In the same project need to allow dymamic memory allocation for main application.

    Way 1: Using mouse event handler interface from VisuElemBase library to check touch events. Working nice but compile error "C0136 ambiguous use of name 'LinearMemoryManager'" appears just after allowing dynamic memory. There is the old post with this conflict. Not solved yet.

    Way 2: May be use somehow Autologout feature in User Management? However, I must not force customer to enter any login and password. Now I have no user management at all. And I do not need to logout user, but just switch Visu to home screen.
    As far as I see the autologout timer is activated and can be checked only if proper user is logged in with name/password. Is it possible to login programmatically without user interaction?

    Or may be any other solution is possible?

  • e.kislov

    e.kislov - 2020-01-20

    asnik hat geschrieben:
    Is it possible to login programmatically without user interaction?

    Yes, check this example:
    l viewtopic.php?f=23&t=6247&p=19944#p20740 l


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