skalakope - 2021-10-19

Dear All,

I am using Codesys on RPi.

I have tried to reach variables via OPC UA. As far as I know, in that case, I have to check the item in the Symbol Configuration. I made it.
After that, I use Node-red to display the data on a web page. During the test it worked well, but nowadays the new clients can not connect to the Codesys. Even I restart the Pi, runtime, Node-red, it does not connect.
The logic runs, variables change, but the client can not connect.
Originally there were some clients, but due to the connection problems I have deleted them, and I have only 1 now.
But it can not connect at all.
Is there any log or limitation in Codesys which does not allow new clients? If yes, how can I delete them?
If no, how can I find the cause?

Thank You in advance!