Cannot find EATON XC303 device description

  • poliinyk

    poliinyk - 2021-01-04

    Hi, I use CODESYS 3.5 SP16. I'm trying to use EATON XC303 controller, and in order to define I/O variables I need device description. The problem is, there's no description on EATON official site.
    I was able to download demos for XC303 from that site; in those demos there's link to device description, which is as follows 0303/
    But CODESYS IDE says that there's no such file.
    Where can I find that device description file?


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    JAPIB - 2021-01-04

    With CODESYS, there is no device description for Eaton PLC, or Schneider one, or no other.
    To program an Eaton PLC you have to use Xsoft-CODESSYS-3, a software from Eaton. You can get an evaluation version here :
    But to download your program and use it with a real PLC you must get a licence from Eaton.
    CODESYS is free of charge, but many manufacturer version are paid (Eaton, Schneider, Wago, ...)

    • Morberis

      Morberis - 2021-01-04

      Yes you should be using a license from Eaton but doing so does not unlock any functional differences. I've been back and forth with Eaton tech support on this. I have a license and do advise anyone using xsoft-Codesys professionally to get one, if for no other reason than their tech support is really helpful.


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  • poliinyk

    poliinyk - 2021-01-04

    Thank you!


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