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    MDIALLO - 2007-06-05


    I have projet about communication betwen PLC IFM and Labview software,I have to program PLC IFM CR0020 with codesys software, can you help me about this project, how can I do for this communication, can you explain me how to configure this PLC with codesys software. I wont to communicate with Can Bus. Please send informations about my project.

    best regards

  • ndzied1

    ndzied1 - 2007-06-05

    We did a job with MOeller X-Soft(CoDeSys) and Labview. I believe we used OPC for communication between the codesys and labview. I didn't write the program but I will check.

    Does the IFM have ethernet?


    MDIALLO - 2007-06-12

    Thanks, for yor reply Norman

    I have ethernet but it is very difficult to communicate whith ethernet. I have to way to communicate, the first is with RS232 the second and more easy is with CAN Bus for my project.

    The difficultie for me is to program which permit to communicate with PLC IFM codesys and Labview. If you have informations or a idea for my project send me a



    MDIALLO - 2007-06-12

    e e

    sorry first e-mail is wrong

  • spfeif

    spfeif - 2007-07-12

    Hello MDiallo,

    If you can try to be more specific I can try to help. I have been working with the IFM PLC's for about 3 years now. It is unclear exactly what you are trying to do with labview. Are you trying to download CoDeSys projects to the PLC or trying to write IEC programs with Labview or trying to communicate to the CoDeSys program running on the PLC, like a visualization or are you trying to communicate to the memory in the PLC.


    MDIALLO - 2007-07-23

    hi spfeif

    I wont to develop a program in IFM PLC with codesys:

    I wont to communicate with labview and my PLC IFM codesys via a OPC server, I wont to communicate with CANopen protocol in PLC, but I don't know how to developpe this communication.

    If some one can help me, I can show the program that I have developped, and then we can discuss about it and try to get a solution.

    best regards

    sorry my english is not very well


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