CodeSys HMI SL for Schneider M241 PLC

  • lijp99

    lijp99 - 2020-01-16


    Is it good to install CodeSys HMI SL on a local PC, and use LAN connection to Schneider M241/262 PLCs?

    The Schneider M241/262 PLC programming software EcoStruxture Machine Expert is based on CodeSys V3.
    Can the variables of M241/262 PLCs be easily imported to or directly shared with CodeSys HMI SL?

    Also, what's the good options to have remote access to the CodeSys HMI SL on the PC?
    by TeamViewer installed on the PC?
    by VPN?


  • timvh

    timvh - 2020-02-08

    It should work, because it uses the same protocol. You can easily try it, because the HMI is installed automatically when you install CODESYS and you can run it in demo mode for a limited time, so you don't need a license yet.

    In the SoMachine project add the Symbol Configuration to your application and select the variables you want to have access to with your HMI.
    Then in the CODESYS HMI application add a Datasource and refer to the Schneider PLC's symbols.

    If you need additional control stations, you could consider adding the Webvisualization to the HMI, then you can access the (same) HMI application remotely without interrupting the operator working on the HMI.


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