PLCOpen export and import; Ack button missing

  • chab

    chab - 2011-10-26

    I use the PLCOpen fileformat in a project.
    I noticed that a project that is exported in PLCOpen fileformat and imported again, does not result in the same project.

    For example, the CAN_Local_Device has a Status Acknowledge button. This button can be used during run-time.
    After an export and import, the 'last diagnostic message' and the Acknowledge button are missing!
    (I use CoDeSys V3.4 SP4 Patch 1)

    Is this a known problem? Or did somebody else notice similar behavior with the PLCOpen fileformat?

    IMG: CAN_01_PLCOpenXML_export.bmp.JPG

    IMG: CAN_02_PLCOpenXML_import.bmp.JPG

  • singleton

    singleton - 2011-10-26

    I can confirm this behavior. I also tested this with CoDeSys V3.4 SP4 Patch 1.

  • chab

    chab - 2011-10-28

    Thank you.
    Do you know similar issues e.g. with other devices, other buttons or items, ...?


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