question FB visu Creator

  • jbarrio

    jbarrio - 2018-01-14

    I am trying to generate a visualization from an FB.
    So I read it simply by adding the attribute {attribute
    'FBVisuCreator'} to a POU that is an FB and giving project / generate visualization, the visualization is created automatically but it does not work for me could someone please help me out with this?

  • e.kislov

    e.kislov - 2018-07-17


    I use it a long time ago, but as I remember, you need to create this POU on POUs tab (not Devices tab).

  • jbarrio

    jbarrio - 2018-08-07

    Thank you very much that was my problem and it generates the visualization correctly.

    Now what I can not do is link the visualization to the function block, you could help me in this step also please.


    Edit : Problem solved thank you very much for your help


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