edepalos - 2022-09-16

Hello to everyone!

Please help me out guys! I have an ifm AC402s and a third party modbusTCP or EthernetIP (It has both protocols running) slave device. When trying to communicate on:

- ModbusTCP I get the GREEN circle in the device tree, but sometimes it goes orange for a split sec. and I have no data communication anyways;

This has been solved as the following: The offset of the register should contain only the thousands, that means the 4 from the beginning of the register address should be lost. Ex.: 41001 should be 1001...

- EthernetIP I get the GEEN circle/RED triangle flashing and I have no data communication anyways (Bus not running);

- ifm made EthernetIP and ModbusTCP devices are working flawlessly on the network
( - I'm also able to read the slave with a windows modbusTCP Master simulator (Modbus Poll). - This has lost importance as ModbusTCP comm is running with the above solution...)

The ModbusTCP/EthernetIP slave is a RedLion DA30D. I can provide the file, but RedLion's support said that it should be ok...

I have no idea where these bus specific diagnostic messages can be read...

Help me out If You can guys! Thanks!


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