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IoDrvModbusTCP_Diag not defined when using MODBUS

  • mbmik - 2024-04-15


    Im trying to setup a WeidmΓΌller WL2000 to run with MODBUS, to get some data from a server.
    Codesys V3.5 SP20.

    The issue is, that whenever i attach an ethernet port and add MODBUS Master und also a Slave, codesys will compile the project, but there always seem to be some remaining errors, which or only visible, when setting the messages window to "Pre-Compiled".

    I tried a lot of stuff to get rid of these errors, but cant find to seem the reason.
    New installation of codesys, cleaned project, setup completely empty new project, manually adding libs. Nothing helps.

    Any help is apreciated. Maybe we are doing something wrong..

    Example Project is available, if somebodey wants to take a look.

    Greetings and thanks alot

  • TimvH

    TimvH - 2024-04-15

    Most likely related to the Device Diagnostics functionality.
    Double click on your device (PLC), go to the tab "PLC settings".
    Enable the advanced option "Enable diagnosis for devices".
    Build your application again.

  • mbmik - 2024-04-16

    Thanks alot for your time and help!
    I quickly tested the suggestion, as it makes a lot of sense.

    Unfortunately the erros still appear as before.

    The settings was already set before, and i tried turning it off.. no effect..


    Last edit: mbmik 2024-04-16
  • santana - 2024-04-17

    I'm having this same issue. I upgraded to from Now I have the precompile errors shown above.

  • csanderson - 2024-04-17

    I am also having this same issue after upgrading to Any help Codesys?

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2024-04-18

    known issue hopefully solved to next version

  • hyet - 2024-05-01

    Currently seeing the same issue here, with a project moved from 3.5.19.

    Diving into it too to see if i can find the cause

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2024-05-01

    error need to be solved by CODESYS. hopefully next release


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