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error saving as Compiled Library

  • fleaplc

    fleaplc - 2022-01-01

    I have a small project saved as library (3.5.16 patch5). If I try to save it as Compiled library I get this popup:

    What does it means? how to fix it?

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2022-01-03

    this info is reported when you the library compatibility version is lower than the last profile version with which the library was saved.

    Check your project information and compare these two marked entries.

    Best regards,


    Last edit: m.prestel 2022-01-03
  • fleaplc

    fleaplc - 2022-01-05

    that's strange,project has been saved with same Codesys version (3.5.16 patch 5), other causes?

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2022-01-05

    Thats normally the cause for it.
    Maybe to a "Save As" of your project, reload it and try again.

  • fleaplc

    fleaplc - 2022-01-05

    I'll try, thanks


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