woutercosman - 2019-02-25

I have a wago plc 750-8202 that i would like to replace by a wago 750-8212. therefore i need to be able to save my current values of my persistent vars to my pc or sd card so i can upload them to the new controller. i tried too do this with the SysPlcCtrl23 lib. by using the SysSaveRetains function. i stored the file to the flash of the controller and then tried to open it by accessing the file with an ftp connection. when i open the file, it gives me all kinds of symbols but not the values i see in the program. i tried to restore the values back to the controller but it doesn't seem to do anything.

anybody an idea how i can extract the actual values of the persitent vars to my pc and then load therm in to my new controller?