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Ethernet Adapter message: Adapter configured. Open all connections

  • ellcap - 2023-05-23

    I've been getting the Powerflex drives to talk Ethernet/IP to an Opto 22 Groov Epic. It works quite well so far with the Powerflex 525 family.

    Working with a Powerflex 70, once I have the adapter IP setup at the device, the 20 Comm E module, the Status Dialog String I return in Codesys says "Adapter configured. Open all connections". The Adapter status shows up as Not Running and the Bus shows as not running.

    I've tried setting my always update variables to Enabled 1 and ensuring that a Bus cycle task was defined in PLC Settings.

    I've tried rotating through all of the available EDS files for this device.

    If I set the IP of the Powerflex Comm E module to something incorrect, I do get a different error which is what I'd hope. So I believe that when I have the IP correct it's trying to perform data exchange. Just not sure what to do to
    "Open all connections".

    I appreciate any advice that may appear.

  • ellcap - 2023-05-26

    So I got it working by not using the EDS File but creating a Generic Device at the correct IP address and following the Powerflex Manual directions for using a register object message read/write. Takes some more setup, but it works.

    Page 236 / C-4 of this manual 20comm-um010_-en-p.pdf for those that may come across this later.

  • mibkid17 - 2024-04-09

    Trying to control 525 with codsys the info from C-4 section. i should input the value in user defined parameters? in the generic device


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