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SysFile library of CODESYS3

  • RudolfAtITD

    RudolfAtITD - 2013-03-26

    Hello to the experts,

    I would start with a file reading application with help of the library "Sysfile". It is "well documented" in the Library Manager. But I'm higly frustrated from the lots of Errors... I hope it's me...
    [list=]1. The declaration "hFile : RTS_IEC_HANDLE;" produces "C0077 Unknown Type".[/list]
    [list=]2. The declaration "ptrResult: RTS_IEC_RESULT;" produces the same error.[/list]
    [list=]3. The code line "hFile := SysFileOpen(szFile:=sFileName, am:='ACCESS_MODE.AM_READ', pResult:=ptrResult);" produces "C0046 Bezeichner 'SysFileOpen' nicht definiert" (on a German language system)-> undefined.[/list]

    In the ST Editor the tooltips works fine, they shows all things and describes it. But the compiler frustrates me with ist error messages. Some experiments with a lot of possible Namespaces changes nothing - allways the same error messages!!!

    Is there an idea that helps?

  • timvh

    timvh - 2013-03-26

    It seems as if you didn't add the sysfile library to the library manager of your project?
    Then the compiler doesn't know these functions and aliases.

    When you go to the CODESYS store (http://store.codesys.com/) you can download a package containing an example with File Access based on the CAA library and also the SysFile library.

  • RudolfAtITD

    RudolfAtITD - 2013-03-27

    Hello TimvH, your tip shows me the way to the repair my problem: With the menu "Preferences | Options" opens a window. In the categorie "Features" I have deselected the option "Enable simplified library handling" - thats all. After that I could install a library set like the example project - before it looks very different.

    Thanks for your help!!


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