pbogaerts - 2020-10-14

Hi all,

I have some code to open a custom made dialog box using the standard visu utils library.
This is working very well, including passing parameter values (texts, numbers, ...) to the dialog which are then displayed.
Therefor, I use following code:

    fbOpenMessageDialog                     : VU.FbOpenDialogExtended;
    bDone                                   : BOOL;
    bBusy                                   : BOOL;
    bStart                                  : BOOL;

    Dialoginst                              : BRN_ConfirmationDialog_VISU_STRUCT;

fbOpenMessageDialog(    xExecute := bStart,
                        xDone => bDone,
                        xBusy => bBusy,
                        xError => ,
                        itfClientFilter := VU.Globals.AllClients,
                        eError => ,
                        sDialogName := 'BRN_ConfirmationDialog',
                        pbyDialogInterfaceData := ADR(Dialoginst),
                        udiDialogInterfaceDataSize := SIZEOF(Dialoginst)                    

I can set the inputparameters (in this situation 2 INT) of the dialog by this kind of code:

DialogInst.xiTitleIndex := 0;
DialogInst.xiTextIndex := 1;

This works well.

When clicking on OK, I set the dialog settings like this that the output variable should be updated + a var_in_out boolean should be toggled.
This is not working: when I click on OK in the dialog, my linked variable is not toggled/updated.
I try to retreive the output result of the dialog by this code:

localBoolean := DialogInst.xybResult;

I am sure this is not due to setting issues in the dialog itself because I tested the same dialog to be opened by clicking on a button (and passing all values by the parameters by the configuration settings (see picture in attachment).

Anyone who could help me out what to do to update the output variables of a dialog that was called from ST-code?

Thank you!


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