thecolonel26 - 2022-09-15

I am so very confused.

It seems there is Visualization Based User Management and Runtime Based User Management

But there are 3 differnt APIs, one for Old API for Legacy User Management, New API for legacy User Managment, and an API for Runtime Based user Management.

What interface is for what API? I have looked at the Example Project, but it to is rather confusing.

There are Many interfaces

Also why is Visualization Based management now "Legacy" it seems there is no way to programmatically add users to Runtime based Management. (or am I wrong)

I really wish codesys would add more details and context to the help files. Most of them are like this, meaning VERY VERY vague, with undefined or conflicting terminology. It is incredible frustrating trying to learn.

Further WHere can I get the global instance of IVisuUserMgmt3???


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