Adding "modules" to GSDML

  • tsimpson

    tsimpson - 2018-11-14


    Can someone tell me if it is possible to, as a user, add modules to the Profinet GSDML?

    The case is this, I am using a Pi as an IO simulator with an S7-1500 over Profinet. Problem is I would like to have more module choices than "x 8bit", "x Float32", etc. I can see where I could edit the GSDML after creation, but that would only be applicable to the S7-1500 side (as I see it).

    I would like to add something like "x Word16", and "x Int16" for example (on both sides of course). Is this even possible or is my only option to use what is available as default?

  • tsimpson

    tsimpson - 2018-11-29

    I see there has been a lot of views. Is this just something that cannot be changed, or does nobody know?


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