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  • slacki321

    slacki321 - 2021-01-08

    I get this message when i try to run the Soft PLC:
    *No source code available for this object because it is in the compiled library 'standart,'. Do you want to browse for the original library in order to display the source code? *

    I can not find the source code in the program data of codesys on my PC.
    I have tried to reinstall codesys completly (deleting all files,cleaning registry entries,...) but it didn't resolve this problem.
    Could it be the fact that i placed a TON timer in a loop?


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  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2021-01-08

    Hello. Standard is a closed source library, so you will not be able to go to the exact place. You can use Menu > View > Call Stack to see where in YOUR code the last call was.

    The screenshot shows it was a watchdog exception, which comes on when your task runs for longer than it should. I think you have guessed correctly that the problem was your timer in a loop.


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