alex87 - 2014-03-16

Within alarm manager, there is a problem with a Language switching.
In my project I have 4 languages (Default=Slovenian, Russian, English, Croatian).
When a language is switched to Russian cyrilic or any other, everywhere texts are shown OK. But not in Alarm table!
There are few lines of alarm that still shows β€œDefault” language, you can see that in attached pictures. I simply can not resolve what causes that problem.
I have tried the following:
-Upade the visu. text IDs
-Check unused visu IDs
-Clean all+ Original Reset (many times)
-Delete Everthing on PLC folder CoDeSys/Visu
-Export all text lists into .csv file and Import it again in codesys
-Checked if there would be too many visual Line Breaks β€œCtrl+Enter”

I do not use any FB or code for language switching. It is made only in visu on input configuration "switch input language".

I'm using V3.5 SP4 (IDE) and 3.5 SP2 (RTE, winCE v6).

Any ideas?


IMG: not normal2 .jpg

IMG: not normal.jpg