OPC via Lan problem

  • rasco

    rasco - 2008-11-14


    I made a program with codesys. and made the setting for OPC server. I can connect on the local pc to the server. But on another pc in the network I can't connect to the opc server. I tryed a lot of thing.

    I also tryed a kepware server. That works but that is not an option.

    Does somebody knows if it is even possible to connect to another codesys opc server on another pc?

    already thx,


  • timvh

    timvh - 2009-10-14

    This is probably a DCOM issue.

    Run dcomcnfg to check your settings and/or log in to both PC's with the same username and password.

    Another thing you can do is turn of your firewalls to see if that is the problem.


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