dhumphries - 2021-10-13

When I create a new project using the standard project template I am greeted with a library manager error stating:

Could not open library 'CmpIoMgr Interfaces, * (System)'. (Reason: The library 'CmpIoMgr Interfaces, * (System)' has not been installed to the system.)

This wasn't a problem a couple months ago when I did training, I created dozens of new projects this way and never had any problems. I've tried clicking on the ... box and choosing download missing libraries, but the resulting dialog box is empty.

I have installed some modules in the codesys installer since I last tried to create a new program, would installing additional modules remove some libraries previously installed? This library doesn't seem to be in the library repository, is there any way to get more information about the library so I can add it to the repository?